September 11, 2001

It seems somewhat similar today , that is a nice day to enjoy . My oldest son Josh called me via telephone . He said, Dad are you watching the news on TV , my reply was no. I turned on the TV to see the horrible news in New York .

As we talked about what had happen, a jet airline had crashed into one of the Twin Towers , then to my unbelieving eyes another jet crashed into the other Twin Tower.

In that explosion I was looking at , many lives were literally consumed in the flames.

We all know the rest of the story , as the late Paul Harvey would say . I will not forget that terrorist attack of 9/11 .

Please offer a special prayer this day for the families that lose love-ones in the city of New York, Washington D.C. and in the field in Pennsylvania. (Also a prayer for our nation and the President).


By andycjackson

Artist , husband, father and grandfather. Christian, my salvation was purchased by Jesus Christ on the cross and His resurrection. I am constantly amazed by the beauty God has created in our world and the universe.


  1. Andy, it was a sad day for our country and others, too. People had families from many places. I was teaching special needs preschool and we had the buses take the children home early. Hope you are over the sadness and trying to stay positive about the future. 🌈🕊


      1. You’re welcome and I have posted before on 9/11. It is an important date to have silence, hope and prayer for a better world for the little ones. 🌐 💞


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